An Australian Video Game Expo and Tournament

Ever feel like being a gamer in Australia means being second best to pretty much everywhere else in the world? It takes months for games to arrive here after being released in the states, major 'worldwide' console launches tend to ignore us, ... hell even NEW ZEALAND has an R18+ rating for games.

What we DO have though is a collection of fantastic online and offline gaming communities, some of the best local game developers on the planet, and a country full of people who are dedicated and passionate gamers.

As a gamer and as the part time collaborator of a gaming website, I'd like to ask for your input for a potentially massive gaming AUSTRALIAN ONLY event and expo that will be happening soon. I'm not trying to market this or spin it in any way, I simply want to know the answers to a few questions, the main one being:


How about a massive 36 hour Xbox 360 tournament with an obscene amount of prizemoney? How about the equivilant of an 'Australian E3' but targeted towards GAMERS not the industry? How about playing the latest games before they've even been released in the states?

Give me your opinions, your ideas, your feedback. This is an event which has the potential to be defined by YOU, the Australian Gamer :)

I'm going to post this on a few gaming forums, just a heads up for anyone who thinks I am 'SPAMMING'. Cause I am. Definately. I want to hear feedback from as many different people and places as possible!


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Lots of pretty art to look at, freebies like tee-shirts and hats and water bottles. Lots of stalls !!!!! And also very importantly it should be aimed at not just males but the female gamers too (if your going to have big boob women with logos on there white see through shirts I want the male equivalent there as well)
Warcraft 3 lans XD

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i'd like to see lots of beer.


on a more respectable note though I think having playable demos and video trailers for games from the best devs in Australia is a must. guest speakers, both developers and professional gamers would be interesting.

LANs of course, for any game and platform that supports it.

Any well made multiplayer mods would be cool too. Games made by gamers.

I think it'd be kinda cool to have an "extreme grind session" in WoW where a whole bunch of people start brand new characters on a fairly empty server, create a raid of 40 lvl 1s and then just grind up until the first dungeon instance (lvl 10-20), or do some PvP sessions in battlegrounds. and then after that, just for shits and giggles, raid the opposing faction's main city and get our lowby characters slaughtered. It'd be a whole different experience playing WoW as a pseudo-LAN.

>insert more ideas here<

Is this meant to be like a game focused Supernova event?

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Well to give you more of an idea of where I'm coming from here, I'm not talking about putting an event on. We have enough trouble keeping our own website updated, as opposed to organising a full fledged industry event (i.e. time and money)

However we have been approached and asked advice in regards to a large scale gaming event known as '', which will initially be a sub section of the 'Auto Salon' shows that tour around regularly. The reason I'm excited is because these guys seem serious about putting on a gaming event with the needs and wants of the gamers in mind, without having to be exclusively controlled by the needs and wants of the 'big three' or the publishers per say.

The tournament would be the main focus, because if that can be nailed ... if it's possible to organise the biggest australian video game tournament EVER, with the biggest cash prize EVER, with coverage in all the gaming publications, websites, communities, etc. Then getting involvement from the publishers and game companies shouldn't be an issue.

I'm certainly excited at the possibilities and I'm hoping that there are enough interested gamers around to accomidate such an event. I believe there are. What do you think?

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Make it not clash with other game events for a start. I note the Sydney event dates overlap the new Game Connect Asia Pacific dates.

Overlapping or clashing dates with key industry events will make it much harder for Australasian developers to get involved.

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Just remember, don't forget the booth babes ... *drool*

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If it's a sub-section of Auto Salon, then there'll be babes in skimpy outfits whether you like it or not [;)]

You know, I really enjoyed the footage of the happenings during Quakecon, and I think aspects of that could really carry across well to a game event here. The tournaments for many kinds of games, for single players to clans was really exciting to watch at Quakecon. It would be great to get some new games previewed here, as mentioned. Seeing as it's Auto Salon, and also Need for Speed : Most Wanted seems to have sold pretty well here, a showing of NFS:Carbon would be pretty ideal. Or even a playable Battlefield 2142 lan like at E3, but I guess securing something like this would be pretty hard to achieve.

In summary, competitions, lans, and hands-on's of new games would be great. Or even a hands on of the wii and any wii game. That would be cool [:)]

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Hmmm, well this is getting interesting...

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GO3 actually looks pretty interesting. It looks like it's been set up just like an E3 trade show with room for a large number of exhibitors, as well as a GDC (developer related lectures and workshops), and there's also a huge lan with tournaments.

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Originally posted by Souri

GO3 actually looks pretty interesting. It looks like it's been set up just like an E3 trade show with room for a large number of exhibitors, as well as a GDC (developer related lectures and workshops), and there's also a huge lan with tournaments.

I can't see this being well attended by industry people outside of Australasia and South East Asia myself. Perth is just too out of the way. Australia has struggled to get people to AGDC as it is.

Wonder what the GDAA makes of this new conference? Would the average Australian gamer from Melbourne/Adelaide/Sydney/Brisbane make the trip?

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Perth has hosted something similar to this for years (albeit more focused on consumer electronics in the past).
Auran has attended these (to promote their Trainz software to hobbyists and their other "not strictly games" business tangents to find new markets).

Interesting politics going on. Is this going to be a case of the IGDA Conference vs the GDAA Conference? Will it become a "mine is bigger than yours" back-and-forth like our Federal Governments trying to prove that theirs is the smarter state?

Can't we all just get along?

I'll probably go along, but mainly for the Demoparty (I'd LOVE to see the Australian Demo Scene become as sophisticated as that of Europe).


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There's an article on [url=""]Screenplay [/url] on the upcoming games exhibitions, and it looks like things are really exploding on that front.

There's Game1 which Yug posted about that'll be on in Melbourne (4th & 5th of November at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre) and Sydney (2nd & 3rd of December at the Sydney Showground Olympic Park)

eGames & Entertainment Expo in Melbourne (Melbourne Exhibition Centre from the 17th to 19th of November), surprisingly running 2 weeks after Game1

Go3 in Perth (Perth Convention Exhibition Centre from March 30 to April 1, 2007)

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ffs i cant afford to travel =[

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this would be a great idea to hav one here. it should be like E3 but with little tournaments going on with games like CODMW2, Gears Of War 2, Halo 3, Tekken 6 and games that aren't released yet

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Old thread, but there are indeed gaming tournaments in Australia.

We just aren't aware of them.

I found these guys on Facebook.

Look like they might be in for the long haul.... and seem to want to do the right thing by gamers.

They've only just started up.

I'll support them as long as they're trying anyways..... seeing nothing else seems to get any momentum.

Check them out for yourself.

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Come and join us. 2009 was a great party, let's make 2010 even better.

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Having such a smart idea would be great for the entire Australian populatio (the gaming one) to go to such a thing. I have to say if it has tournament over 5 games of different formats, not released demos, huge huge huge prize money, most of all held in like Melbourne or Adelaide and cheap admission, you could get thousands of game lovers paying to get in and even myself.

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would love to see that happen here in australia

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this would be amzaing playing for money using ur talent, i am bored of playing by myself against the computer and friends because i am to good for them.fifa 12 , pes 12 and rugby 211(union and Nrl) i am so pumped so everythings set show us the location of this expo.

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A tekken tag tournament 2 is being held at a brazilian jiu jitsu school on the 15th of september in brisbane.

This event is to raise money to finish a brisbane based brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts centre.

There is $2500 in prizes that includes a samsung galaxy s3 and tekken merchandise.

As a add to the event there will be a $100 cash prize for best video game cosplay, you do not need to enter the tekken comp to enter the cosplay competition which has no entry fee.

Entry fee is only $10 and there will be free food and drink at the event.

hope to see you there.

Kindest regards,


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Wow, I started this thread 6 years ago ... I feel old :P

Funny enough, I'd be interested to hear people's opinions on the same question again now, especially since eGames/GenConOz/GO3 didn't work out, and what people think of EBX.

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I'd like to see a room full of PC's, the screens on Minecraft and the compettion is for who can stay alive longest on setting HARDCORE