experienced composer looking to collaborate

Hi all,

I am a composer looking to get a start in the gaming industry. I am looking to collaborate with game designers on any project and I am happy to work for free! I want to get some experience in the gaming industry and have some fun!! I have my own studio and an extensive library of original sounds. I can write music in any style and I also do sound design and fx. Check out my other post under "creative talent available" for where to find some samples of my stuff and a bit of other info.

My music is supa creative and I am supa motivated!

Email me: [url]jamieroberts@matriarchrecords.com.au[/url]

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Sounds supa!

Sorry, couldn't help myself :P

Might be worth you hitting up all the developers individually and offering your skills. Also, maybe talk to Mick from lavainjection.com.au about how he goes about things, as he already does what you are wanting to do.