Graphire3 6x8 - $149

A friend pointed this out to me and thought I'd spread the news.

Would love to upgrade from my 3x5 Acecad, but then I also would love New Super Mario Bros. Decisions decisions... @:-D

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sweet, thanks for the site.

i think its time for me to purchase 1 soon, my wrist sounds like a cement mixer... im only 18 :( haha

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I?ve been meaning to get a wacom, I was looking at the graphire4 4x5 but this may change my mind. Is the graphire4 any better over the graphire3 and how much dose difference dose the size make?

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As ive allready talked about in the artist section im a bit of a wacom newbie myself. Whats the actual difference between the graphire series (like 2,3,4 number wise). And im also interested in hearing what people say about wether or not size matters (im on a 4x5)

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hmm, may be something to consider for my new lappy; I'd prefer a shiny new intuos, but at that price it's a pretty good deal.

As for peoples questions, Carlin: the graphire 4 is better than a 3, but it's still only an evolutional upgrade, so it's not a huge difference... for the most part it's just got more bells and whistles (which some are actually kind of annoying if you don't use them like the pad buttons). Graphire compared to an intuos is quite a lot more inferior in terms of basic specs (intuos pen is a nicer grip too).

Unfortunately wacom has taken it's older products out of its comparison charts, so it's hardly very useful anymore, but here's the url:

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That looks extremely appealing, I need to upgrade my existing wacom tablet, it's too small!

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Bigger screen calls for bigger tablet.

Graphire series in my opinion does not stand the wear and tear like the intuos series.

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I absolutely agree about the bigger screen = bigger tablet statement, but I also suggest to weigh it up against whether you draw from your wrist, or your elbow. Professionally I've had it drilled into me (and learnt from my own experiances) that drawing from the wrist is a fast track to repetitive stress injuries, but then drawing from the elbow is incredibly tiring for 8 hours a day. Lesson here is go for the middle ground of whats comfortable and whats ergonomically safer for you depending on your use.

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I think 6x8 is too small for 1920x1200 but still works but can get annoying.
But by no means do I want to go bigger than A4 since I put the tablet on my lap and just look at the screen and draw.