The "Look Out For This Movie" Thread

There are quite a few of us that are here that seem to be rather big movie buffs, so I decided to start this thread because of that. Basically you can tell people if there have been any movies that you have seen recently and whether it is worth watching or if we should avoid it like the plague. It doesn't have to be a new release cinema viewing either. just any movie that you have seen recently and want to warn people to look out for.

Try not to insult each others tastes. We all have our views and opinions :)


I have seen three new movies in the past week or so. I will descibe them from worse to best (to finish on a happy note :) ).

I love vampires as much as the next self respecting computer nerd (hell, I have a few Vampire Source books and I don't even play it). I wasn't expecting much going into this movie, and boy did it deliver.

Good Points - Kate Bekinsale looks really hot and plays a hero quite well. The costumes kick arse. The scenes where Salene jumps off a high building, lands on the ground and just keeps on walking casually look really sweet :) Some of the characters were quite cool, but...

Bad Points - ...They went no where. The vampires were presented as nothing more than humans with guns and pointy teeth :( The post production work was really badly done, and the colour correction has been changed to give everything a blue tint. This means that every time you see an outfit that should be a really nice crimson colour, it ends up as some terrible desaturated purple colour. The story was crap and they shouldn't have done what they did (trying not to give away too much).

This movie is probably worth seeing if you aren't a big vampire fan. Vampire fans will probably end up pissed off. Not really a cinema watching. Wait for a DVD version to come out.

Battle Royale 2
For those who have never heard of Battle Royale, you are really missing out. It is one of the most contriversal Japanese movies to have come out in recent years. It is one of my fav movies of all time and not because of the extreme amount of violence in it, or the many attractive school girls. The first one revolves around a class of Year 9 students who are kidnapped and sent to a deserted island to kill each other off. They recieve a random weapon and provisions to last for three days. At the end of the three days, there can only be one student left alive. If there are any more, then everyone who is left is killed instantly and there is no winner. They also have electronic tags around their necks to track their life signatures and pin point their position. The colars also have little explosives in them. In the three days, you get to know some of the students and how they deal with being told they have to kill their friends. It has a great story line and really leaves you thinking at the end.

Number two takes place after it, and has slightly updated rules. You now have a partner, and if they die, you die. It is team based as well. Weapons aren't random this time. Overall it is a good movie but doesn't touch the original. Seeing as many Western viewers didn't see into the sub plots, they explain everything flat out and leave you with nothing to think about. The characters aren't as cool as in the original (although actress Kou Shibasaki makes a welcome return :) ). I recomend seeing number one, but this one is cool as well.

The Returner
Another Japanese film. This time it is a Japanese take on a holywood style action flick. The basis of the story sounds really cliched, but here it goes. The movie is about a Returner (merc for hire) called Miyamoto. He is on a mission when he accidently shoots a young girl. He takes her back to his house and finds out that she has come back from the future to save the human race (Terminator anyone?). So, dressed in his leather pants and full length leather thrench, Miyamoto teams up with the young girl to save the future. As the movie progresses, the story line becomes more original -and quite frankly- very cool. For an action movie, there is very little violence and not too many action sequences. When there are action scenes though, they are quite well done, and have some effects that have the ability to show the Matrix up quite nicely. The Returner also has effects by Robot (the company responsible for the awesome Onimusha 3 intro). The effects are cool, but the compositing isn't extremely well done (although that could have been because it was on VCD). The characters are cool and actually look like they could kick arse. The bad guy is arse hole and really makes you want to see him die. I really recomend this film.


Has anyone seen Once Upon A Time In Mexico at all? I would like to know what it is like before I go and see it in the cinema.

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Originally posted by inglis

Shrek 2

Bah! Shrek was the crappest thing i ever saw. Everyone thought it was great, i didnt see anything 'great' about it.

The best Anime i have seen and probably one of the best movies i have seen is Metropolis. If Souri hasnt seen it i say he should, its by the almighty Osamu Tezuka and i thought it was a wonderful movie... that and i got too watch it in a theatre that was playing it as an anniversary thing or something [:)].

Remember the name, METROPOLIS.

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I didn't think much of the original Shrek. Loved the humour and that was about it.

I just finished watching a movie on Faxtel called "The Guru". It was made by the guys that did "The Kumas at #42","Goodness Gracious Me" and "Bend It Like Beckham". It is the funniest movie that i have seen in such a long time :D You can't go wrong mixing porn and religion.

I am really looking forward to Van Helsing as well. I am hoping that it will make up for my bland feelimgs towards Underworld. Other than that, I don't think that there is much coming out soon that i am interested in.

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Regarding The Hobbit:
Newline cinema has the rights to produce the movie, while MGM hold the distribution rights. Basically Newline picked up the rights to both The Hobbit and LOTR in the one package, essentially to stop anyone else making the film and so cashing in on the success of LOTR. No doubt Newline now have a fleet of lawyers trying to resolve the issue. There is certainly a lot of money involved.

Peter Jackson has previously stated many times that he will not be making The Hobbit (which is understandable after dedicating almost ten years of his life to the LOTR trilogy), and one of the main reasons he says is that he would really love to just sit back and watch a Tolkien story as an audience member. However, now that he is finally finished with LOTR, he has stated that he will seriously consider directing the film if he is ever approached by Newline ? which, he points out, he has never discussed the issue with anyone from Newline, and any speculation that The Hobbit will be made, is just speculation. Time, and money, will tell.

One thing though, if The Hobbit does eventually get made, and even if all the LOTR cast and crew return for it?s production, Ian Holm (who played Bilbo in LOTR) will almost certainly not be playing the young Bilbo in The Hobbit, as Ian is far to old, and also in bad health now. Though we should see Ian McKellen back in his role as Gandalf the grey (and Hugo Weaving as Elrond).

Also, it would be great to see Weta do the dragon Smaug!

cuio mae

(Yep, I?m bit of a Tolkien geek...)

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palantir: PJ said he really wants to make the Hobbit, but they are now starting King Kong, so it wont be for a while(if at all). He also said if he was going to make it, it would be graeat to have the same cast, such as Ian Mckellan and Hugo Weaving. As for Ian Holm, it would be very upsetting if he doesnt play Bilbo, because he is brilliant, and Bilbo is the same age in the hobbit as he is in fotr( well not the same age, but looks the same), so it would be perfect.

tbag: Yes..Im planning on buying the 2 disc DVD of Metropolis, great movie.

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Yeah, there?s a lot of fan fair (crap) in the media about Peter Jackson being positively keen to make the Hobbit, but it?s mostly just playing on peoples desire to see more of Middle Earth. PJ has said a couple of times (no doubt to fans hounding him for info) that he?d like to do it, and the next thing you know there are articles everywhere that he?s planning it after King Kong. Unfortunately that?s just wishful thinking ATM. The fact is nothing about The Hobbit it certain, and Newline (who have the ultimate say) have no contract with PJ or anyone else to make the film.

Still, at the end of the day, Newline would be crazy not to get PJ back for The Hobbit, and since there would be so much money involved, there is a pretty good chance that it will get made, and it probably will be done by the same crew (and some cast) of LOTR. [:)] -Though don?t expect it for at least another 5 or 6 years!

As for Bilbo,
Ian Holm himself has even said that he would be a miscast as Bilbo in the Hobbit. He was already to old for the role in FOTR (though did a great job), though now it's ridiculous to consider such an old man for the role. The character would be better played by someone the same age as Frodo was in the trilogy. Sorry, but there is no way Ian Holm will be Bilbo. (Unless they digitally stick his remodelled face on a younger actors performance! [;)] ).

Here?s a great LOTR site if anyone is interested. The guys in this forum are really obsessed..

Sorry about blabbing on about LOTR, I get carried away sometimes..

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Of course..WETA did all that work, so it would be a shame not to use it all again. All i can say is, I cant see anyone else who could play Bilbo with that kind of energy, so if it happens it better be someone good.

Anyway, I have no idea what is out at the cinema lately, seeing as i live somewhere now that doesnt have one :(, tis a shame...I was a huge cinema goer once...

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Blade 3 (Blade: Trinity)

Mission Impossible 3:

Spiderman 2

...some more of the usual hollywood fluff we can expect to see.

and for souri and others:

Astro Boy:

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Ocean's Twelve

one im looking forward to. hope they dont f**k it up.

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I expect Hellboy to be about the level of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

I remember all the hyper they did for Extraordinary Gentlemen- what a load of bull it was.
I didnt like that movie at all. Some nice CG here and there..but it was a terrible movie..

So im going into Hellboy expecting that so at least I wont walk out going 'boy o boy...was i lied to'.

...hope it proves me wrong.

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I just saw "The Butterfly Effect" two nights ago. At first I wanted to see it as the poster looked quite interesting. Then I saw it had Ashton Kutcher (excuse the spelling), and I was very dubious. I then heard it was meant to be a really twisted and deviant movie. That was enough to convince me :) I wasn't expecting much when I went into this (like I try to do with most movies), and there is only one word I can use to describe this movie...

Woah! This is the most intense American (non B-Grade) movie I have ever seen and one of the most intense movies that I have ever seen. It did live up to the twisted deviant side and didn't try to tread around very many things. As a result it will definitely insult and offend quite a lot of people.

Story wise I wont describe what it is about, but I will explain what the Butterfly Effect is. For those who aren't into Sci-Fi, it one type of method to describe time travel. It means that if someone is to travel back in time and make a small change, it can effect the future in ways that can't even be imagined (Terminator). The story is really well done and holds together really well. It makes you feel disgusted and angry at one moment and then happy and sad at another time. It even manages to bring a (evil) smile to your face in some of the more twisted moments.

The acting is really good all round and all the little kids did a really good job. There is just something so satisfying by seeing a seven year old call a paedophile a "fuck bag" :). I have to admit that even Ashton did a really good job, and has won back some (just a little) credibility.

I would have to call this movie on of my favourite movies of all time. I really recommend it if you have a pretty strong stomach (or no morals :) ). I would like to know if any one else saw it and what they though.

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I just downloaded the I, Robot trailer. I'll most likely go an see it anyway, but after seeing the trailer, I'm a little disappointed. The robot designs / cgi are a bit ordinary, Will Smith is in his typical wise-cracking role, and everything else looks like it's set in the near future (re: not very futuristic looking at all). *Hopefully* the story will be half decent.

Tbag, I've been wanting to see Metropolis for ages. It's not available at my local video stores, unfortunately [:(]

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John Woo directing a Metroid movie........
Sounds pretty cool

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Yay for Metropolis. That was a cool movie I saw it at the Japamation expo at the dendy theatre man that was cool. I also saw Patlabor 3 which also rocked. But the movie that tops of my list is the Lupan the third movies. Castle of Cagliostro. The Alkatraz Connection and so on they rock and I recomend anyone that hasn't seem them to do so. Most of them were released in America so they shouldn't be to hard to track down.

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Ah, the castle of cagliostro...

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Aven, have to totally disagree with you on 'the Butterfly Effect', I thought it was a complete waste of time. The story, like ANY time travel movie, has plot holes the size of Texas, and at the end of the movie I was left asking 'What was the point?'.

Few plot hole examples, why is it that sometimes when he went back and changed things that this had no carry on effects to the reality? eg. his, how should I say it, 'self-crucifiction' episode in school had NO carry over effect other than altering his physical self, you'd think something as profound as that would do more than give him scars, I'd say he'd be off to a mental hospital more like it.

Wouldn't he have been better off to just wait a short while in jail, get off on self-defense, and go back to his fairy tale universe?

Also i didn't really find it that gruesome or confrontational, but maybe that's cause I'm a jaded bastard :p

It's kind of hard to discuss the movie further without spoilers, but yeah, I have to disagree.

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Originally posted by inglis

Ocean's Twelve

one im looking forward to. hope they dont f**k it up.

Oceans 11 was a mess of a movie (okay, not that bad - just very average). Why they had all those stars in the film was beyond me. None of the characters stretched the roles at all. Anyone could have played those characters. What a waste of Matt Damon too - very good actor, relegated to playing a kid.

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Kill Bill Volume 2


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22nd of this month in Australia

A week before in America

And we have to wait until August until we can buy Kill Bill Volume 1 on DVD


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ooooooh cant wait!! hey was that bills face they showed in the trailer? id thought theyd leave it for a dramatic entrance or something....

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Yeh, I think they showed him. I would've prefered it to be a surprise as well.

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I'm 99% sure the face they show in the trailer is Buzz, the next assasin on her list to kill. (Not all Bill's assasins were female).


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yeah i know there was him aswell but theres him a guy talking to him, which i assume is bill.

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i havent watched kill bill 1.
i think ill wait for them all to come out and watch them in one hit.

bill should be gary coleman.



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If you've seen the first Bill, you'll know who Bill is [:D]

Remember, when they're all in the chapel ... [8D]

Only scene I didn't like in the movie was when Thurman is in hospital. Nasty intern. I'd gut him like a dog [:(!]

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that scene when there all in the chapel and it shows that dude, thats not bill, thats the one male memeber (bar bill) of the assisination squad.

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Kill Bill is out for hire now, which is strange cause its not out to buy!?!?
Whats the difference, you still see the movie! :(

Anyway, saw it agian......nice!

Im more anxious to see the can of woopass that Bill is going to unload!!

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Region 4 DVDs always get the smelly end of the stick. Region 1 is available for purchase, but us lowly region 4'ers have to make do with rental copies *grumble grumble*

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Kill Bill Vol. 2 is another one I will go and see. A note about the DVDs though. There was a rumor spread a little while ago that once Vol 2 was ready for DVD release, they would both come out together in a pack. You may want to hold off and see :)

I completely agree with you about the Region 4/1 debate GooberMan. If you are after decently priced US DVDs, then this is the best I have seen so far. A new release movie will set you back about AUS$30 inc p&p. Like most import websites, the more you order, the less you pay for shipping :)

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What are u all talking about? Its common knowledge that Bill is David Caradine....I mean I havent even seen Vol 1 yet and I know...

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hahaha, inglis puts up a pic of gary coleman then scorcho says "Whatchu talk about"