Designer Discussion Forum


What do you reckon? Should we create a "Designer Discussion" forum, because the Artists and Programmers have one. I thought it would be a great place to bounce of ideas and problems because there really isn't a place to discuss issues that Game Designers may have.

Suggestions? Comments? [:D]

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i think its a good idea...but im a programmer, so don't take my word...[:D]

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what if just renamed the MOD forum to MOD/Game Design??

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Sounds like a good idea. Programmers and Artists would probably join Design discussions also.

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Well I was thinking something totally separate to the Mod forum because then you could post links and questions and such about modding/getting together/etc there. With the Design forum, you could nut out scenarios and character stat balances, etc, away from mod teams and other games. Programmer's and Artist's comments in the Design forum would be welcomed [:p]

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It'd be a good idea, but only if it encourages actual design.

People seem to think that design is a cool story or having an idea that would be cool. Everyone's got ideas, very few people get paid to supervise others.

As one designer once told me, "real game design is in addressing the problems that arise in development and solving them." Everything sounds good on paper -- it's once it's in practice, that you can see whether it works or not.

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The real art in design to address the problems, solve them AND look like that's what you meant all along :)