Transmission Games let go a third of staff


Transmission Games, formerly IR Gurus, have recently shed a third of their staff. reports that the Melbourne studio is hitting some financial hardships and have had to let go of staff in a major cost cutting effort. 30 Transmission games employees, most of which were full-time programmers and Q&A staff, were shed from the company.

As reported by, Transmission Games have run into some pressure after struggling to recover late payments from publishers, and the studio is unlikely to sign onto any new projects for the next two or three months. A proposed project based on the Red Tails movie license has been put on hold, and other projects are still in the pitching stage, including a "Secret Weapons" project and "Rotorhead", a helicopter demo that has been shown to over 10 publishers. The studio is currently working on a new Ashes Cricket title and a flight sim with Codemasters. In an email from Mike Fegan obtained by

"Cash still remains very tight as we work to secure payments from publishers and new sources of income..."

"(the studio doesn't) have available cash to sustain the current burn rate of the studio so we now have to implement some major cost cutting."


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A little bird tells me that everyone is gone now and that they've entered voluntary administration.