The Warg and the Hyena

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Warg and Hyena

A warg, according to George R.R. Martin, is a person with the special power of body shifting and controlling animals.
The male african warg has 25k tris. I have made 4 texture sheets, 3 of those in 2048x2048 and the one for the hair with 512x512, with diffuse, gloss, spec and normal. I have created everything in Zbrush and 3ds max, with a bit of help of marvelous designer, dDo, nDo and xnormal. Render in Marmoset Toolbag.

The Hyena has 7.5k triangles, both characters were rigged with CAT in 3Ds Max so I could test different poses to quickly setup a final look to the scene. The little environment was made in zbrush and the topology was made with decimation master, which I later had to clean up. The final polycount with the grass and the layer of dust is 12k tris

marmoset scene for anyone interested in playing around with the characters: [url]

for more images, please check my portfolio page: