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Two Bulls

Two Bulls & Two Moos
Two Bulls is a boutique software development firm who work with a select group of major clients and leading startups to create amazing products. After a successful start to life we grew up, started a family and in...


Unity Programmer - Playcorp Studios

We’re looking for an experienced Unity (C#) developer to work on The...


• Exciting cutting edge project in the growing education gamification sector.
• Fantastic opportunity to be a key expert in the project.
• Chance to make a difference and be part of the educational revolution.
• Convenient...


Flow Spark Studios is seeking a talented game developer with a huge passion for games to be our lead developer of original IP mobile and tablet games. We're seeking a rockstar - you need to live and breathe games and be highly capable with mobile...

alphawave Games

Hi again, we're back! If you missed Chapter 1 in "alphawave Games hires all the people", we're working on our first and upcoming game "Wavelength" and this time, we're looking for an outstanding 3D Character Artist coupled with Animation and...


The successful candidate will be working with a small team of successful entrepreneurs and technologists creating a new product category. You will work on both UI level and lower-level implementation details. You will be comfortable working in a...

Alex Gray

CerebralFix is a leading New Zealand casual games developer specialising in deploying games across many platforms. We are looking for an experienced tester who is capable of working with a highly motivated team of product testers. Other...

Two Bulls

About Two Bulls

Two Bulls is a boutique software development firm. We work with a select group of major clients and leading startups to create amazing products. We are a team of over 50 experts in a variety of fields with offices in...


You are at the epicenter of game execution. You provide direction, coordination and measurable performance to the game design process. You own the product roadmap; game and feature specification. Improving monetization and viral performance is...

Six Foot Kid

$60,000 - $80,000 salary + five weeks paid annual leave + all the coffee you can handle
Making art (95%) | Talking about video games (5%)

About the role:
It is your responsibility to make sure that games released by Six Foot...

Six Foot Kid

Location: Adelaide, Australia
$50,000 - $65,000 salary + five weeks paid annual leave + interstate and overseas travel opportunities
Marketing (50%) | Project management (50%)

About the role:
It is your responsibility to...

Latest Journals

  • Working With External Teams: Why Trust Must Come First

    Every week we talk to people about new projects and after a few introductory meetings there is usually a full project briefing. I noticed that some of those briefings go a lot smoother than others, and I started wondering why. It seems to me, that the main difference is the level of trust between the parties. If all parties enter with a clear...

  • Why We Love Remote

    “So where’s your office?” A lot of people ask us about our head office. I can only assume they’re imagining a big room full of cubicles, fluorescent lights and mountain dew dispensaries. They are often shocked when I say we don’t have an office at all, let alone a head office. We run fully remote, at the moment its 2 developers in Brisbane, 2 in...

  • The tsumea games section: part 1

    Hi there folks, I thought I'd write a little bit about the new games section on tsumea that I’ve been working on for the last two and a bit weeks. This will be in two parts, the first will be a look back at the various iterations at the games section on tsumea and the second will go into this latest attempt and why I chose to go that particular...

  • Trainz: A New Era

  • My First Journal

    Hi! Welcome to my profile! Most of my work are in my portfolio site, feel free to go ahead and take a look at them. Thank you!

Newest Threads

  • Finding Good UNI in Australia for Computer Programming

    Hello, my friend is trying to find a good uni in Australia to study programming does anyone know any? thanks

  • QUICK!! - Sound Ideas Series 6000 + Extension 1 for sale - Adelaide $500

    I have mint condition CDs of Series 6000 + Extension 1. I already own this library in another collection and no longer need these CDs. Prepared to let both go together for $500 AUS postage included!. Usually $998 US for Series 6000 (by itself) - onsale %50 atm from sound ideas - still hits around $700 aus with postage from usa.

  • Studying Diploma 3d and interactive gaming

    Hi guys so ive just started in my diploma 3d and interactive gaming and one of my assessment pieces requires me to write a report on the GDAA ( game development association australia) and there is frustratingly very little information on what the GDAA actually does for its members other than the vague couple of paragraphs they offer on their...

  • tumea site update news

    Ok, I used to regularly post website updates and since I've been working heavily on the site for these past few weeks, I thought I'd continue doing just that in this new thread. For the major updates (such as the upcoming new game section), I'll make a more thorough journal post under my other tsumea account, but here's some things I've completed...

  • AFTRS Diploma in Visual Effects Fundamentals

    Just sharing that AFTRS has a part-time and flexible Diploma in Visual Effects Fundamentals course OPEN RIGHT NOW and closing next Monday, June 15... More info here: www.aftrs.edu.au/vfxfundamentals With an online face-to-face mix you can study anywhere from within Australia. Questions? We are here to help! study@aftrs.edu.au

Latest Devlogs

  • Just a test 2

    Just a test #2. Still working on the new section.

  • Just a test

    This is a test for the games section. I'll have an explanation once all of the features for the new section is complete.