OpenGL 1.4 Specs released


Coinciding with it's 10th aniversary the OpenGL Architecture Review Board (ARB) announced the release of the OpenGL 1.4 specification, aiming to provide more realistic graphics with higher quality.
Some features in the new release include;

*Depth and Shadows - Depth textures define a new texture internal format, DEPTH, normally used to represent depth values. Applications include image-based shadow casting, displacement mapping, and image-based rendering. Image-based shadowing is enabled with a new texture application mode defined by the parameter TEXTURE COMPARE MODE.
*Fog Coordinates can be used in computing fog for a fragment, instead of using eye distance to the fragment, useful for more complex fog models
*Multiple Draw Arrays - Multiple primitives may be drawn in a single call using the MultiDrawArrays and MultiDrawElements commants.

The 1.4 specication is available for download in pdf format or you can read more about OpenGL 1.4 here.