Senior Artist

Senior VFX TD - Luma Pictures - Melbourne

Are you a Senior VFX TD?

Luma is a leading visual effects studio that has worked on tons of blockbuster films like Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Prometheus; Academy Award-winning films including Crash, True Grit and No Country for Old Men; and numerous commercials such as A Mini Marvel for Coke which aired during Super Bowl 50. We are a crew of talented artists that hail from all over the world, who are passionate about creating mind blowing work. On top of that, we are a cool company, with cool people, cool offices, and we do cool things. Can't beat that!

Senior Art Director - Games (Sydney)

The Role

Global English is looking for a Art Director/Lead Creative to lead the creation of a beautiful digital world where children come and explore, experience wonder and surprise and become the best they can be. Working within the brief of our virtual school, your team will have tonnes of scope to create rich, engaging and surprising artwork and narrative for children aged 6-11. The creative elements are core to our business and the narrative, environment and characters in the school will drive engagement.

2D/3D Senior/Lead Graphic Artist

Fliptus is a small but ambitious company inspired by the limitless potential of games to excite and innovate. Our mission is to create thoughtfully designed games that are satisfying to play and can draw a smile or laugh out of our users. This is not the first rodeo for many of the team, which is comprised of talented individuals with years of experience in producing games. Check out our work at

The Role

Senior 2D Artists - Pocket Play

We are currently in a growth phase and with volumes of work increasing are looking for an additional graphic artist to join our team.

* Inner CBD
* Dynamic Growing Company
* Friendly and Flexible working environment
* Attractive remuneration

We are looking for a talented senior 2D artist who is passionate about games, has strong ability in illustration and animation, and works comfortably in an open team environment.

Senior Artist position at Dreamgate Studios

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Essential Technical Skills & Experience

Senior Artists & Lead Artists for Transmission Games

Transmission Games is a video games company in Melbourne, Australia. The recently released Heatseeker, AFL Premiership 2007, the record-breaking Gaelic Games: Football, the multi-award winning World War II combat flight game Heroes of the Pacific, have all cemented the company's position as a significant, international game development studio.

During this time, the company has grown from thirty employees to over one hundred, spread across three development teams.