Tag-Team Monster Stomp


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Finally gamers can team up with their non-gamer partners, kids, parents or whatever to complete 100 levels of chaotic platforming mayhem! One player is impotent and easily killed by the monsters, the other invincible and with the power of rendering the monsters stompable! Bring on the trumpets!

Double Rainbow (All The Way)


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A musical tribute to double rainbows in video games everywhere.

Featuring own own music what we made ourselves and fair use of audio and video from the original, and most awesome, double rainbow meme. Go, you good thing!

With lots of thanks to Rainbow (children's TV show with that Zippy character), Rainbow Islands (I spent an entire summer playing this in a shopping mall with the beach a short walk away), Katamari Damarcy (who knew dung beatles have so much fun), Robot Unicorn Attack (taking cheese to a whole new level), Bytejacker (the best video podcast for free indie games), Rainbow Brite (never heard of it, but I'm not a girl and I don't have a sister), Mario Kart (and the Rainbow Road tribute song crew), The Wizard of Oz (check out the mad lip-syncing), Bit.Trip Runner (we love you, gaijin games), Captain Rainbow (the Japanese really have an obsession; that's four rainbow games), The Muppet Movie (sweet Jim Henson, we dedicate this song to you), and that nice American lady who thinks rainbows in her sprinkler mean her oxygen supply contains metallic oxide salts.

To all the haters, no, we're not profiteering. We did it for the lulz. We know we took little clips from copyrighted material. We don't feel dirty - we only took a little. We're pretty sure that we're not EVIL, and aren't going to cause any harm to the original Double Rainbow Dude (tm).

To everyone else, we really hope you get a laugh out of it. And buy our games. Oh, haha, just kidding! Just keep on ignoring our games. Nothing to see here.