Ratbag Games

Ratbag's Wheelman prototype video

So what did Ratbag's Wheelman exactly look like? An anonymous has sent in the video of the early Playstation 2 protoype version of the Vin Diesal starring vehicular action combat game to tsumea. This is the video that 70 or so ex-Ratbag staff would have sent out to local studios as part of their demo reel after publisher and owner, Midway, closed the Adelaide studio down just before Christmas, 2005. Most of the industry has probably seen it, and now so can you.

Final Ratbag game surfaces as The Wheelman

Thanks to the person who pointed out to me that the newly released Vin Diesal game called The Wheelman has its development origins right here in Australia. In fact, The Wheelman was the open ended world / vehicle centric game that Ratbag games was working on in 2005 before publisher and owner, Midway, unceremoniously pulled the plug on the Adelaide studio right before Christmas.

In an annual report by Midway back in 2006, Wheelman is listed as the title which Ratbag Games was working on...

Midway Boss profitted $8.5 million on Ratbag closure

You might know Tony Albrecht from The Great Debate, but what you may not know is that he was a programmer at Ratbag Games for 6 years, that is until Midway pulled the plug on the studio. Not a lot has been written about the reasons why Midway did this or what they gained or lost from the whole ordeal, but Tony has detailed how Midway's CEO, David Zucker, made a personal fortune of $8.5 million (US) from pumping and dumping Midway shares.

Ratbag Website is Gone...

It's gone. Gone diddly on, gone. The website for Ratbag games is displaying absolutely nothing. The plug has probably been pulled on the server that hosted all that fabulous info on the once great South Australian games developer, and the domain name is probably on it's way to expiration in a matter of days or years, take your pick.