Krome is Hiring!

Currently we are looking for Senior Game Programmers; Senior Artists/Animators; Programmers and Graphic Artists and all applications should include examples of work, details of titles worked on and specific involvement with that title and be forwarded to myself at the following email

Information on current vacancies is as follows:

Pandemic Are Hiring!

Pandemic Studios is a premier developer of entertainment software for PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and the PC. Our currently announced titles are Full Spectrum Warrior (for THQ) and Star Wars : Battlefront and Mercenaries (for LucasArts).

Our Brisbane studio is in its 4th year and continuing to grow.

RatBag Hiring

I would have thought it would have popped up here already, but seeing as it hasn't I thought I'd point out that this has been in the saturday paper in adelaide for the last two weeks: