Flash Developer (ActionScript) for Interzone Games

Tired of the daily grind and want to be excited about coming in to work each day? Interzone Games is looking for talented people with the ability to work as part of a dynamic team in a productive and enjoyable work environment. If you are such a person, get in on the ground floor with a triple-A development studio with big plans, world-class talent, and world-class funding.

If you join us at our Perth development office you'll be at a studio:

World Designers for Interzone

Interzone is seeking qualified candidates for World Designer positions. World Designers collaborate with art and design teams to create visually appealing and immersive environments for Interzone's MMO project. This is an entry level position.

Our ideal candidate is a self-directed mapper / level designer in the modding community, who is also an MMO fanatic & local to Perth, WA.