Game Designer

Fuzzyeyes Studio Hiring

Fuzzyeyes Studio is a growing independent developer based in Queensland, Australia. We are expanding both our Brisbane and Taiwan studios, and are looking for highly creative and talented individuals to grow our exciting franchises.

Senior Software Engineer

Job Type: Full time

Fuzzyeyes Studio Australia is hiring Software Engineers to join our growing Brisbane studio.


REDTRIBE is currently building 3 next gen titles for two major US publishers. The company is a developer of AAA quality next-generation games and is working with some of the most highly sought after licenses in the entertainment Industry.

REDTRIBE has the following openings in its Melbourne Studio:

Project Managers (2)
Game Designers (2)
3D Character Artists (4)
Animators (4)
Environmental Artists/Level Builders (4)
Software Engineers (6)
Engine Programmers (3)
Musician (1)
Sound Engineer/Sound FX Guy (1)

Push for Applicants at Intrigue Entertainment

Intrigue are calling for those that may be interested in a new-venture, a true next-generation console title that has been planned to be next-gen from day one, unlike many that are merely patched up current-gen projects seeking funding for PS3 and XBOX-360 development from publishers. To show their interest and apply with Intrigue - in strict confidence - about the opportunities at Intrigue and on our initial next-gen console title.

We are looking for experienced professionals for the most part, to fill roles at all levels on the team in the following areas of development: