Developers Journey | Mario Wynand, Sidhe/PikPok

Developers Journey | Mario Wynand, Sidhe/PikPok

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Many independent developers have little or no idea about how implement effective QA strategies. This talk follows one developer's journey from work for hire studio, looking at how they dealt with the challenges of QA for traditional console titles, then the transition through to digital distribution and creating the relevant QA infrastructure to handle self-published products.

Throwcast 7: Government Grants


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Timesheeting and contracts
Secretary+ (on the way to a COO)
What is it?
What we need
Vision Statement
Marketing Plan
Business Plans (3 years)
they care about the future
Innovation and employment
detailed budgeting as part of business plan
Estimating costs and revenue
Low, middle and high figures
takes a while
rewriting and revision

Ignition Studios Intern Interview


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We had a few students from Qantm College ask if they could intern with us here at ignition studios

We said we'd love to have them in the office and have asked them a few questions on what college life is like and what attending an internship has offered them.

Head over and check out what Ben and Duncan's group are doing for their final project at

See what Dave and his group are getting up to at their final project here

For more details on the college we studied at, check out

Throwcast 6: Education Markets


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Bearium ended
main output was the new levels and playtests
got some cool previs sounds going
data collection happening
Sprint: Planes of Previs starts
preproduction for art
level designer for programming
playtesting database for me
The Education Market
Aim of the game
Bringing on consultancy
Having a plan for what to do with these people
Every sprint we get feedback
Tying in to a larger versioning policy
stable build every half-sprint

ThrowCast 5: Playtesting and Data Collection


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**Warning: Contains explicit (Throw)language**

This week in the ThrowNews:
Bits 'n Pieces
Metric Fuckton of development

Playtesting and Data Analysis
Results from Bits & Pieces
Next focus is on the actual teaching rather than gameplay
Learning curve
Restricted by physics (usually middle vertical slice first)
Data Analysis
Getting a measure of player frustration
Challenge/Fun scores, how often level was skipped, when the player stopped playing
Next will want to get heatmaps
Strategies of players of different skill levels
Self-reporting game challenge (have a small 'test level' on website)

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ThrowCast 4: Retrospectives


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In the ThrowNews this week:
New UI (with Gameplay Video!)
Bits 'n pieces coming up. Come and see our game. Details available at:

What they are?
Why they're important
What are the stages in a retrospective?
Some changes we're making as a result

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