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I'm posting this again to let you know that Blue Tongue have fixed the email situation, and also have a contact number just in case.. so those of you who have been trying to email them, please try again, or call them by phone.. the job positions open at Blue Tongue are..

Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis preview

Gamespot has a preview of Blue Tongue's dino park-building strategy game, Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis. They give a run through of what to expect in terms of gameplay, and there are plenty of new screenshots too. Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis is expected to be released at first quarter of 2003. Head on this way for the preview.

Blue Tongues Jurassic Park E3 trailer

The Jurrasic Park trailer that Blue Tongue displayed at E3 is available for download at their site (requires Quicktime 5). The trailer is cool, and even shows off the editing capabilities for this game. Yes, design your own Jurrasic Park!

They're also planning regular updates and screenshots for Jurassic Park, so make sure you visit their site often. :)