Mighty Fin


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Mighty Fin: coming to the App Store on June 2nd!

Fin needs a vacation. He's signed up for Shady Sal's suspiciously cheap — and possibly deadly — Round the World Tour. Hey, money's tight when you're a working fish.

Mighty Fin is an addictive arcade game that's easy to pick up, hard to master... and impossible to put down. The controls are simple: touch the screen to dive and let go to soar through the air. Grab bubbles for a high score, leap over lighthouses, swim under icebergs, and try not to get eaten by hungry sharks!

★ Guide Fin through golden isles, arctic ice caves, and vicious storms
★ Replayable levels that are never the same twice
★ Beautiful Retina Display artwork
★ Collect over two dozen souvenir costumes, from sombreros to bunny ears
★ Compete for gold medals and Game Center high scores