nice to meet you

Hello world

I'm an aspiring concept artist and I'm interested in the wonderful world of game development. Somebody told me about Tsumea recently, and I thought this might be a good place to start :)

Lately I have been working on speedpaints to build up my illustration and painting skills. I'd love to hear any feedback or advice or just a reasonably-friendly hello

It's nice to meet you.


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For a moment there, I was like "WTF?! Is that Arjun Rampal?!" And then it turns out it actually is! Nice to see some other desis uploading something desi over here. ^_^

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Oops! Sorry. I just realized you're not desi.
A thousand apologies.

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It is! :D I'm glad someone recognised it!

Also: what's a desi? And all good :)