Tsumea Modeller Challenge 10 - Sevendust

Well, apparently I have posted my original thread wrong *pout* ..so I will re-post my character development info here. NB: My original idea was posted at 6:54am on Monday 04/08.

"I have been putting a lot of thought into what I want to stare at for the next four months.. I still don't have my character history set in stone just yet.

I once had a dream that I was walking through some of the rougher streets of an area I used to live in. It was very late into the night, quite dark, no company in the streets.. just silence and street lamps. One street lamp in particular revealed a beaten up looking greyhound under its light. It had a strangely twisted collar around its neck made of steel, with some other large claw like pieces of steel protruding from its shoulders, and some wounds. The dog looked over to me from across the street as he started to walk towards me. Eerily, the creature said in a loud but whisperish voice "psssycho!". Quite creepy - and I hope that this doesn't mean that I'm a psycho for real! But anyway, I would love to bring this character to life. Of course, it has to be set in a more realistic fashion, so I plan to have a "driver".

The driver, or controller, of this creature is going to be a young woman. I am going to go along the lines of most of the Batman type villains - they all have something a bit wrong with them upstairs. I haven't decided what mental disorder she has yet. Perhaps as a child she was subjected to see her dogs put through hell by her family - torture, punishment, dog fights maybe.

This woman is going to have hundreds of greyhounds. To implement the talking idea from the dream, she has attached speakers to all of their collars. So when she is going after someone, she sends her dogs in first and talks through them.

Things to leave behind at the scene could be:
-lots of little puppies with the big collars on
-dog tags
-a leash, or chain

Things that could motivate her to kill:
-people that put animals up for show (horse racing, dog fighting etc)
-animal cruelty
-someone or something being subjected to unreasonable punishment

Going to think a bit more on it today, I would like to start drawing her up soon :)"

The image I attached to this post is my first pencil sketch of her. Sadly, she has no name right now.


Sevendust's picture

After discussing my character with my boyfriend, we decided she doesn't look evil enough - especially her dogs. He referred to the greyhound on the right as something out of bambi!

So, I am going to do a little redrawing on the dogs.

I have decided she will have two main leader type dogs, bodyguards. She will have hundreds of others, but they are just minions.

The bodyguards will be wearing huge war type armour - something like the lion out of Brotherhood of the Wolf. The minions will be wearing less and less armour, depending on their rank.

This brings more of a pack feel to it, I think. Hopefully will get some new drawings up today :)