One of my ideas.
Enjoy. ;)


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Make sure your filenames only contain letters or numbers, and strictly no spaces otherwise the picture won't show up!

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thansk for that but it still isn't showing up properly?

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Your picture is a one megabyte jpg file, which is way too big to get processed by the server - we only have an allocated amount of memory to run everything here, and a one megabyte file requires a lot more memory than we have available.

To be honest, you could export from Photoshop a good quality high resolution jpg at around 300k to 400k at the most, so 1 megabyte is just too excessive.

So if you could compress the picture - export it from Photoshop (save for web), and get that size down, it'll work.

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nps i fixed it, thanks again.

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Is the blood flowers her calling card? If so, I like it. :)

Maybe you could incorporate that sort of pattern into her clothing, like her skirt.

Really do love the flowers!