Pipe Games - An Introduction

If you're looking at this page, chances are you've either mis-clicked, or you're somewhat interested in our indie game development team, Pipe Games. So, here's a bit of a background regarding who we are, where we came from, and what we're doing.

Pipe Games currently consists of three passionate gaming enthusiasts, Tanika, Toa and Kyle. The latter two founded the team through the Queensland University of Technology's final year project in 2012, in which they created their very first game from start to finish - Charnel, a fast-paced, multiplayer first person shooter/horror game. Despite having only a very small team and quite a few development setbacks, the team did well, and Toa and Kyle decided to stick together and give the whole game making thing a shot.

In such a small team, everyone inevitably fills whatever roles need filling. To be technical about it, Tanika is the lead artist/animator, Toa is the lead designer & a 3D modeler/animator, and Kyle is the design manager/programmer/production manager. As somewhat of a start up company, Pipe Games has found this small team size easy to manage and very efficient when it comes to development.

At this point in time (Jan 2014), the team is invested in two mobile games produced the previous year, Rooftop Raider and Smash N' Grab (both available free on Google Play). Pipe Games' goal is to attain a high state of polish for these titles before pushing them to Apple devices. In the long-term, the team hopes to be able to maintain themselves financially with the games they have released on the mobile market, and eventually steer back towards PC development, or investigate development for other platforms.

That's us in a nutshell. Please, check out our Facebook page and try out our games if you like what you see; we truly appreciate any and all support we can get!

Pipe Games