Unity project seeking collaborators

Hi, I’m a seasoned games industry professional seeking help to complete a Unity project.
Myself and a coder friend have been developing this concept part time for a couple of years.
We started out using XNA but recently realised we need to switch to Unity to reach a wider market and reduce the demands of writing an engine.
Unfortunately my friend has recently found himself in circumstances where he can no longer continue contributing. Subsequently I'm looking for some new collaborators to complete the project.
The basic gist of the project is a virtual fish pond, nothing remarkable there. However what makes the project different is that the fish are all procedurally generated and individually unique. Not only that but the fish grow from young and their size and shape is effected by the way the player feeds them. I can appreciate this sounds like a very niche project and no doubt will be boring to many :), but I’m confident, if built to spec, it will have a broad appeal and there is certainly a huge market to sell to.
I'm not going to go into technical details on a public forum for obvious reasons. However I'm happy to show some of the concept work to provide an idea of the proposed look.
These images are captures from the 3dsmax viewport that have been tweaked in PS. However very achievable real time.
In terms of the details of the help I’m after, I’m ideally looking for 2 coders, one with an interest in AI/Scripting and animation, possibly physics and another with a keen interest in the generation of procedural content for real time shaders. Although coders who are keen to muck in where needed are welcome :). Ideally I’d prefer collaborators to live in the Brisbane area and to have Unity experience, not to mention an interest in fish :). But being a realist these are not ‘must have’ attributes. The most important thing is to find people who share my enthusiasm for the concept and are willing to put in the time to get something launched. As you might have guessed this is not a salary project but one where you receive a share of any sales profits based on your level of contribution.
If anyone out there is interested please pm me and provide a bit of information about yourself and why you’d like to collaborate and of course what you can offer.


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I am a 3D environment artist. I do anything that deals with environments rather if it is for still images or games like modeling, lighting, texturing and sounds. Another strong skill I have is to make efficient polygon models look very detailed with uses of baked out maps from either photoshop of 3ds Max like normal maps, parallax maps, and maps to make a detailed diffuse map.
Programming is still something I am new at. I am currently still learning javascript for Unity because I take an interest in it.
My website has most of my work to see, plus there is a brief demo game I made called Lander 3D that you can play and see off the web browser using the unity web player. If you don't have the web player, I went and added the html link below the image that is clicked to start the game.

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Hi Cory, Thanks for your interest. It's worth me clarifying that at this time I'm only interested in experienced programmers with interests in the specified skills. There is the possibility of help with the art (not to mention audio) down the track, but I will advertise separately when that time comes.
Thanks again for your interest.

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Hey Andy,

I'm not a hardcore coder but I am a decent scripter. I'm more than happy to offer my skills where I can, whether I can help you with a prototype to get your game up and running in Unity and later polished by a professional programmer. You can contact me on skype or via email @ evoluzions@hotmail.com


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Hi Bagless,

Sounds interesting - sent you a PM :).


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Hi Andrew

I'd love to be able to help. I have programming experience in Unity and XNA.
I have a particular interest in AI and pathfinding - especially animal swarm behaviour.

I think there real potential in projects like this.

I am based in Sydney so we would have to see if we can make that work.