Tsumea Modeller Challenge 10 - Anasasis

hey guys
this sounds like a great challenge so im jumping right in
i have a concept of a priest white collar, black trenchcoat etc. heres a sketch kinda average but hey i put it on an old z-brush mesh just to get the scale right and i still need to sketch a head lol


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alrighty ive turned away from the doctor idea and im going to create a priest normal priest collar etc. black trench coat and im thinking black glasses. heres a sketch i chucked together in photoshop, its kinda average and yes that is an old z-brsuh mesh for the background but i will not be using it just used it for the scale. p.s i still need a head lol

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Hope this won't make 2 black trenchcoats in the competition. It suits your idea better though.