Play Orcward Online

Hi everyone,
I'd just like to announce that Team Orcward have uploaded our 13 week student project to for our trimester final submission.
It is a seven person project, consisting of two programmers, four designers, and a musician.

May I present to you, Orcward!

You play as the spirit of the slain Orc Chieftain. You must overlook her Orcish tribe as they meander around the sky islands they call home. Each Orc has their own wants and needs such as health, hunger, and interests, which are affected by their environment and actions. You must manage the transportation between the sky islands in order to better equip and train your simple-minded tribesmen before battle.

Our team and roles:
- David Wells, Project Manager
- Joel Van de Vorstenbosch, Programmer
- Aaron Goss, Programmer
- Nichelle Nolan, 2D Artist, Designer
- Luke Kaalim, 3D Modeller, Animator
- Jason, Balancing, Testing
- Oliver Goss, Musician (