UI Icons - Orcward

One of the things I worked on for Orcward was designing both the technical and visual UI aspects in the game. There are various icons representative of a number of aspects in the game. Shown here are the stone 'Orc Interests' icons and one of the copper 'Build' icons.

I began working on a visual style for the orc stats icons and I did a few different style tests, which involved spending time researching how to paint a rock or a stone and that sort of texture. Once I nailed down the painting style and texturing, I set up a pipeline that could be used to create each separate icon quite quickly. The aesthetic vision I was inspired by was the idea of a chiseled stone / battered metal look. Each icon is glowing because they are stone discs full of energy and the orcs have chiseled away the outer layer in a pattern so that the core energy can show through.

When I was doing all the painting techniques research I tried really hard to find a good tutorial on painting copper. Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck and ended up having to work it out myself the old fashioned way by doing some reference studies haha. I was pretty pleased with my result so I decided to make a tutorial for anyone else who might find themselves needing to paint copper. It can be found here if anyone is interested: http://fav.me/d869kzw