Serenity (ASCAP/NYU film scoring workshop 2016)

Serenity (ASCAP/NYU film scoring workshop 2016)

My composition for the ASCAP/NYU film workshop 2016. Performed by players from both the NY Phil and the NY Met orchestra. This is the second and final take with less mistakes than the horrendous first take.

This is a highly edited version from the original performance with doubled/added orchestral sample libraries, making it sound bigger than it really was, as well as fixing and hiding mistakes.

Performance instrumentation: 1,1,1,1 - 2,1,2 timp, sus cym, hp, pno, str (4,4,3,3,1)
Edited version instrumentation: 2+picc,2,2,1 - 6,4,5,1 timp, bass drum, sus cym, hp, pno, choir, full str

Absolutely great learning experience in preparation and execution of a real orchestra after years of sequencing and programming a fake one.

The animation was made by the free Music Animation Machine.