Light of Life

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Light of Life

We are working on our new game that will take place somewhere in the space ...
Story of the game

The Universe...
Once everything was clean and empty. Then something special happened in a supernova. Strange seeds of life appeared in the space, and a tiny bit of light, a special spark, to bring life to the universe.
The seeds have found their way into the planets and asteroids, grown into Life Trees, waiting to be awakened. The light just have to find them and wake them up to spread the Life.

The gameplay

The players are little dots of life, and their goal is to reach the life trees in the depths of the planet. They will need seed, collectible throughout the descent. With these seeds, they can activate life crystals along the way, to get more seeds, illuminate the path, eliminate anomalies and ultimately wake up the life tree.
They need to be careful, because beyond natural rocks and obstacles, there are malicious anomalies, that are out to get them.
Players can play form first person perspective, as our seed bearing light whizzes to the life tree, and dodges obstacles in a 3 by 3 grid, controlled by simple gestures.
The avatar has five chances to repel the anomalies attacks, but only one collision can snuff them out. Fortunately, there is a chance to slow down time and avoid the catastrophe.
Players get a number of randomly generated planet in each galaxy. Every planet has a mission to be completed without that the next planet is unavailable. Beside the successful mission you must have enough life seed to unlock the next planet. These seeds are given by the Life Trees, the more of them you wake up, the more seed you get per hour. The journey between galaxies are tied to another, more difficult task.

According to our plans the game will be released in December. Follow us for more information: