PlayMyPix released on Android (free)

PlayMyPix is an innovative game that turns any photo into a 30 second tune. When you touch the photo it transforms into a side scrolling shooter. The make up of the level comes entirely from the 30 second tune created

This means you are never short of new levels to play. Simply point (the camera), click, and play - wherever you are

Each photo becomes its own little game which can be emailed around to your family and friends. Turn the holiday snap of Grandma asleep on the couch into a challenge to see who can get the highest score

You can play any picture from your gallery which means you are not just limited to the photos you take. You can email any picture you have on your computer to your phone, save it to your gallery, and load it into the game

I have uploaded 5 such challenges onto my own website that you can try out - including a photo I took at Ararat's Haunted Asylum that fittingly enough has turned into a very difficult game

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