Activity #1 - Makk

Nothing major to show, just some sketches and a WIP shot of the final.
The first one is just working out a composition, the second is working towards the final idea.
One thing to note is that my sketchbook is A3, so not all of it fits on the scanner :(

And here is the begginings of my final piece. I had to up the levels in it in PS because the lines are light.

Im having to squeeze it onto the scanner, so the top of the wall is higher and so the floor extends downwards some more.

I bought some markers today so I might use those to render with.

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Main shapes have been inked, going in adding more detials.

Am I the only one doing this now? it seems like it...

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so far it looks like a good start. my only complaint is that it is a bit too symetrical. to the point where the two middle chairs (front and back) are lined up perfectly to one side. maybe you should try to offset the chairs slightly or move ans angle the camera slightly to one side.

i still hope to enter this challenge, but the high poly challenge still takes preference over it.

looking good though.

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Yeah, I kinda noticed that as well, but I've already inked them so I cant change them.
Thanks for your comments :)

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100th post!!
Still working on this, just have to ink the cityscape and then render.

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Well, I forgot about this [xx(]
Must finish.


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ASS!! [:(!]
And a photo of it, so you can see the whole of it.

Not happy with this, although I did learn abit from it. Rendering with markers is hard!

Who else is going to join in, its awfully lonely in here!!!

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Environments are a tricky thing to get the hang off if you don't do them alot.
I think you need to add alot more to this, it lacks interest, my eye just went straight to the table and then to the windows then sun/moon, composition is a hard thing to get right.

As for the markers, don't be scared man, add some more dynamic lighting, it looks to flat.
Also I may bee wrong and correct me if I am but from the size of the strokes on the page this was done on an A3 sized piece of paper right? Not a good idea to use such a large piece of paper especially if its your first attempt.

Markers are easier to control on smaller pieces.

Whats with the big yellow date?

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When Makk posted his first post, he said that he was working on A3 and that he had a bastard of a time scanning. I guess that the date is from his camera. That post has since been changed though.

The marker work isn't too bad. I haven't used them in years and Malus is right, you should probably give them a try on smaller paper. Just make sure that you keep your pressure even or it will look crappy.

Everything looks a little too blocky. Everything is made up from squares, even the city is in even rows. Perhaps breaking it up a bit will help. The table also looks a little small for the rest of the room. Some extra furnishings would also help. These are just picky little crits though and i'm sure that you will probably add more to it as you go along.

Overall it is looking good for the style you have chosen.

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Malus: Yeah, I think this really the first kind of interior design sort of thing that I have done. I agree 100% that it is boring, I feel the same way.
I should have add more dynamic light source to it, but I was kinda afriad I would screw it up (I wish there was an undo button!!!).
Yeah, did on A3 as it was in my sketchbook. I really had to stretch out the size of the strokes, espacially on the floor. The yellow thing is from the digi cam, its the date.
Thanks heaps for your comments, much appriecated! :)

Aven: Next time I will use some smaller paper. Alot of it is blocky becuase I really didnt know how to properly construct circles, but I have since learned how to. I sgree that the room could use some more stuff in it. Thanks for the comments :)

I probably wont do anything further to it, as Im quite over it :(
Although I might just do another, this time digitally!! ....err, but dont hold me to it!! :P
Thanks guys :)

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I'd have another go at the markers myself, just use what you've learnt from this one. [:)]

Its a big ask cash wise but if you can afford it, I totally recommend Feng Zhu's DVD's, his marker work is excellent and the enviroment DVD rocks.