Real Life Inspiration

Hey All,

Was looking around the net and stumbled upon this site and thought it would be great to share with you guys for inspiration and a scary look into what is in the sea. Could almost be another idea for a Sumea Modeller Challenge.


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They are pretty weird/cool. I had no idea those sort of creatures existed.

Thanks for the link!

this one reminds me of Sagas of Ryzom a little.

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That's some freaky shit. I'm jsut really of fish, for Biology we cut one open and ours was infested with still live Intestinal Worms. Never gonna eat fish again.

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I was wondering what 'fish sticks' were made out of.

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Cool great link. Funnily enough I'm currently doing the Sumea model comp based on a survival horror fish, so yeah, that helped me out a lot.

I'll post up my progress sooner or later.