Field 3D Developer - Immersive Technologies (Perth)


Hi Everyone,
We are currently looking for a 3D Field Developer at Immersive Technologies. We are the world leaders in training simulators for the mining industry. We offer a unique, interesting and stable position in a finacially successful company. We have competative salaries and many benefits.

Here is the Seek ad:

Here is a brief description:

Field 3D Developer – Visual Database (Perth)
Our 3D Developers work side by side with our customers, travelling to their sites, capturing their site specific requirements, collating engineering and multimedia data (survey, video and photographic) and creating functional specifications and site maps. With this our developers set to work recreating 3D low poly models and terrain to give a realistic rendering of our customers site.

Apply via the Seek link.
Questions to HR via Shaun Cleaver (