Year 11 Work Experience

Hey - I got work experience in June and I dont want to go to any of the crap places that they stick you in. All my friends in grade 12 got placed in shit places.

So I was wondering if anyone knows any game development places in Brisbane that would take students for work experience that I could email or something? BTW i go to Nudgee College on the north side if anyone wanted to know

Thanks in advance

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As a general principal you'll find most games companies do not do work experience.

I would suggest having a surf around Sumea and the web to find out which companies are in Brisbane and have websites that do not specifically state that they do not do work experience.

For instance Auran lists on their web site that they do not do work experience.

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As i've suggested in other threads of this discussion, go for the non-games related computer businesses when doing work experience. They'll probably be able to teach you more about work, and they'll be more likely to take you on. Some examples would include going to work for a computer shop etc.

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I've got work experiance at Wicked Witch in 2 months time :)

Sorry, im just really excited. Anyway Just try and email everyone, thats what i did.

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few phone calls wouldnt hurt if you can, forces answers as appposed to emails where they can forget about it and such. Im not suggesting that there terribly evil people who chuckle as they empty there inbox mind, just saying its best for you.

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come on moony - you know they are ALL evil people who chuckle as they empty there inbox's [;)]

definately take the up front approach tho - get on the blower or even better, show up for work ala george castanza, but... if you take the george style, be sure to have some amazing work pumping along before the boss gets in [:)]