Illustrator | 2D artist | Graphic Designer looking for assistance

Hey Guys,

I'm a Sydney based illustrator | Artist who is looking for assistance in getting into the creative services industry, particularly for gaming, as a career. I have freelanced as an illustrator for a range of other clients but nothing really substantial to maintain a living.

I'm looking for anyone who may be able to give any assistance on developing experience or ways at accessing specific studios through internships or freelance work that can progress into a career.

I have included a series of links to showcase a selection of my work, and hope that if anyone has the time, they are able to give me any feedback.
The first link is to a time-lapse video I recently created to help promote an exhibition I was featured in this year:
The second link is a collection of my works that I maintain through Facebook as a way of self-promotion:
The final link is an online portfolio of sorts where I post whatever completed projects I am able to:

Any assistance would be fantastic!

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There's a response from Echo Charlie Delta from our Facebook page..

"His work is awesome! I strongly suggest partnering up with any number of independents as a texture/concept artist or alternatively going through Newgrounds, IndieDB or Desura to find groups seeking artists (2D artists can really shine in Flash, for example, whilst a good concept artist can make life really simple for a modeler)."

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Many thanks for the kind words! and awesome advice and insight as well, would not have located the websites and communities without assistance.