Game Dev / Design course in sydney or via distance


I am desperately seeking a degree or course of some nature to help me getinto the game industry.

However i work full time, so the course must be part time in sydney(at night) or via distance ed.

Any suggestions?

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There are no generic dgrees to help you get into the games industry :)

Might help if you know what it is you want to do - design, program, art, or quality assurance / production.

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Sorry. I should have been more specific.

ultimately i would like to design games, buti figure I should getin on the ground level and be a game programmer.

Any suggestions?

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learning to program would be a good start, particularity if you want to make your own games. Most unis would have a computer science degree or the like, just go heavy on the math and design orientated subjects

(bias of opinion, I studied architecture at uni, self taught programmer (well, with occasional help) and now working as game programmer))

yes, this solution will involve work

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