PineApple Fish, a team of student developers based in Brisbane, are set to release Magnesian. Bringing together puzzle and action elements in side-scrolling platform style, Magnesian is a showcase of fresh mechanics, utilising the physics and visual power of UDK. The industrial world is brought to life through detailed graphics and deep set pieces, creating a unique and immersive gameplay experience.


Inheriting the magnetic abilities of robot guardian RP-1, players are able to fire polarised energy from their hands, as well as fire projectiles that change the sign of magnetic objects in the environment. The gameplay, based on the simple yet extensive mechanics of attraction and repulsion, are easy to understand yet difficult to master.

The robot world is vast, varied and detailed. The city of Magnesia is a maze-like metropolis of complex puzzles and decayed pathways, with many objects left magnetised. Timing, logic, and a fair dose of polarised energy will be all that RP-1 needs to escape.

PineApple Fish are a group of dedicated indie/student developers from Brisbane Australia. The team has been working on the game part time for just under a year, 6 months in the development phase and 4 months so far in production.

A test build is available for download at or at

- PineApple Fish studios

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I have seen this game in action. It is sweet. Undoubtedly the best game to come out of this year's batch of QUT graduates. Keep up the good work. Oh, and fuck Ross Brown, Michael Docherty and Matt Ford.