Got a day job?

I was reading the "Age of Entry" posting and noticed that quite a few people get into games usually around 25 years or older. I was wondering, what were you doing before getting into the industry?

Were you working in a non related field while spending your free time working on your skills?

I'm coming to the end of my degree, however it's not specifically tailored towards the games industry. I've been focusing on concept art and illustration, however I need to expand on the basic 3D skills I've learnt, so I might need to spend a year or two working a mundane job for a little longer...

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Non related fields for the most part, a lot of unskilled jobs. Laboring, cashier, milk run, caf? work. I had a lot of theses types of jobs until I (arguably) became competent enough at illustration to find work doing that, shortly after I got games industry work.


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After Uni, I worked in the Telecomms industry as a software engineer for 3 years doing cell network management software before getting into the games industry as a programmer at the age of 26.


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Worked as a Graphic Deisgner for several sign / advertising companies for 5 years, then headed up a sales team for 6 months for a couple of solar powered products, before going to qantm to persue my interest in games [:)]

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- Lead graphic designer for 4 years
- Travelled the arse out of Europe for a year and a bit
- studied at Qantm for a year
- did some work experience as a pixel artist
- worked as a lab supervisor and in production at qantm for 6 months
- then got the industry gig! [:)]