Medieval 2

Just a shout out to the guys at The Creative Assembly, I bought Medieval 2 Total War last week, and I have to say that game kicks some serious ass.

The last game to capture my entire weekend away like that was funnily enough Rome TW, then Shogun TW, and the only others were Kotor, Mechwarrior2 and Sid Meier's Colonisation.

Till now the first Medieval was my least fave of the TW series, but the issues with that one have been ironed out completely and its awesome. The way you guys have spread out the events like the Mongols and Black Plague and all that kind of thing really rocks and keeps you interested, and the whole heretic thing is a great addition though the Inquisitors piss me off cause they keep burning all my family and assassins are generally pretty useless.

You guys seriously have it down pat and I cannot wait to see what your doing next, I hope its a remake of Shogun or some kind of WW1 TW though after this I'll play whatever you give me.

.... seriously..... nice

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Ive heard so many good reports about it, I'm gonna go get a copy tomorrow.

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Yah, this game kicks ass, I upgraded specially so I could run it at insane resolutions. Looks sooo good.

I was relieved honestly, Rome was unfortunately a bit of a plasticine-man-fest. The character art has improved a lot.

Few niggles.
-Forest battles are a mess.
-Artillery knocks walls down far too quickly.
-cavalry charges are a bit fiddly.

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Yeah I agree, there are still a few path finding issues when you get into the castles and things but they were nothing like the problems in Rome. Shogun with the Mongol Invasion expansion is actually still my fave but that's just because I'm a Samurai nut. (I know its the least likely to be made but pllleeaaase remake it, I will literally, LITERALLY, be your best friend)

Yeah I gotta get a new vid card now, I have to see this mutha at top deck.

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ooh. maybe I should check it out?

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Do so Pete! It's a very satisfying game.

Jack - Shogun was fun, but I really liked the original Medieval. I still feel its risk style map is superior strategically to the one in the new version.

It was however, quite a frustrating game, until you could work out the main 'hook'. If you could secure provinces with two or more trade resources (flanders, constantinople, venice etc), you could make vast amounts of money simply by developing trade routes. This wasn't a documented feature, you needed to have a string of ships on as many coastal zones as you could. This information is probably very unhelpful to you now :)

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Well you can do similar thing in this one, another thing is that when you blockade ports it makes quite a difference as well where I didnt really notice in the previous games. I really emphasize on navies now and shutting down enemy ports and keeping my own open. You just use one or two small ships to lock down each one and keep a massive primary fleet nearby to contend with any fleets that come along, it really hammers their money and civil order.

I absolutely loved Shogun, and still play it now. Did you play with the Mongol Invasion expansion? That's where the beauty was, its got all these kick ass units like Naginata cavaly that just steamroll everything, battlefield ninja who disappear when not moving and run as fast as cavalry, you get them to hide nearby and wait till the army passes then use them to take out their General. But the best unit of any TW game ever, is the Kensai sword saint, he's basically straight out of Japanese legend. He's one single guy counting as a whole unit, and you can just send him in to take on 120 guys with no probs.

What these guys are great for is the fear factor rather than the kill count. I had 16 of these guys once with honour through the roof, and I had a battle against over 2000 Ashigaru, Yari, and archers and sh*t. Basically I set them on a hill, waited for ages as the enemy sorted their sh*t out and came to me, then as soon as they started climbing the hill I ran my guys down and decimated one unit in like seconds and the entire army just piss bolted, it was fantastic. I remember the visual of these 16 guys calmly walking after thousands of fleeing soldiers, one of the best game moments of my life :)