So why do you write these strong women characters?

[url=""]Joss Whedon answers[/url]

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what the hell is this guy shitn on about?

buffy was crap as.

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was never such a great fan of buffy, but from random exposure to it and other recent sci-fi, starting to be quite amazed at how (dare i say it) post moder the dialog tends to be. verging towards self aware, at least of the irony of the often ridiculous situations that the characters find themselves in.

(perhaps not that accurate)
'so what was it like' [to be evil willow]
'totally consumed by evil, so much that you could taste it'
'what did it taste like'
'a bit like chocolate'

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he also did firefly/serenity, and if you dont like them... well i question your taste [:p]

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I liked that! He's kinda funny. I thought he really had a point, particularly in the bit where he was talking about how we relate to the strong female characters and how men find they can relate as well. There's something different in a storyline when the protaganist is a woman... that's what I reckon.
But yeah, I enjoyed it.

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ditto denz. spot on.

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I love Buffy especially the early seasons, however Angel and Firefly are just brilliant. Joss writes awesome characters.