Anime-inspired Soldat-esque game seeks Concept Artist


Team name: Creative Block
Project name: Undecided as yet
Brief description: A side-scrolling, class based, multiplayer-only shooter set in mythical feudal Japan. Defining features will be the art style, the "feel" of the physics involved, multiplayer game modes and above all-else, the frenetic speed of the gameplay.

The mod has been in production for 3 months now with solid progress towards a thorough game design document.

Target aim: Mod - Free with a playable Alpha/Beta build by end of Q4 2008. Depending on the success of the release, we may investigate the viability of charging a small fee for the mod ala Garry's Mod. Long-term goal is to port to XNA for distribution over Xbox LIVE.

Compensation: Being a mod, this position will be a labour of love with no remuneration. Contract can be negotiated if and when the mod becomes a paid mod/XNA game.

Technology: Undecided engine but leaning towards Source due to market saturation. Concept artist for this role will need to be proficient in Photoshop primarily but experience in zBrush would be advantageous.

Talent needed: This position advertisement is solely for a character and environmental concept artist (with emphasis on the characters). What we're after in a concept artist is someone who's a fan of Anime and someone who's a true gamer. If you believe you can merge the comical aspects, proportions and palettes of the Team Fortress 2 art style with the very defined feel of an Anime then you'll be well on your way to securing this position.
You should be able to dedicate 5-10 hrs a week to the project. Duties are also likely to include texture painting. It would very much be preferred if the applicant was Australian, or even better, lived in Brisbane in order to liaise with the lead 3D artist.

Team structure:
All current members were founders of the team.
Sebastian [me] - Team leader, lead 3D artist, level designer, lead game designer.
Jason - Lead programmer, level designer, game designer.
Sean - Community manager, web developer/designer, level designer, game designer.

Website: Our website is currently a user-restricted wiki in order for the designers to work on a living game design document.


Previous Work by Team: Team was founded specifically to work on this project. Individually we've come from different backgrounds and disciplines. I've personally worked on many commercial animations and advertisements as well as spending a short stint working for Auran on their ill-fated Fury game.

Additional Info: We're all incredibly excited about this project and have been having multiple 3+ hour long game design meetings every week for the past few months. We honestly believe that this game will be incredibly successful and it will be a great way to catapult your name into the international independant gaming development spotlight. I am unable to say too much about the specifics of the game due to NDA requirements so please feel free to contact me in order to speak privately and get more information.

Feedback: ANY