Okay, here we go!

Howdy all!

I've just registered up, so I thought I'd give a quick rundown of myself.

I'm a 21 year old student at QUT doing a 4 year course that specialises in game development, IF90 (Bach of I.T. / Bach Communication Design). I'm in my third year, loving it (as hard as it can be sometimes), and hope to be a game designer. While I have great appreciation for graphics and sound, gameplay and game design is what I'm focused on.

I've made Duke3D levels - just a shame Duke3D won't run on Win XP :-( -- and currently make games using Macromedia Director (it's an alternative to Flash). As much as I'd like to work in a team on something large scale, I just can't seem to find anybody commited enough to devote every ounce of their energy towards a project like I do, so I'm currently stuck on making small games by myself (Kinda like a one-man band).

I like P.C. games, but console games are what I'm really interested in. I've owned pretty much every console ever made available in Australia. My favourite game of all time probably goes to The legend of Zelda: A Link to the past (Snes) ....... that game was the sh!t!

Anybody else here live in Brisbane?

Share my passion for game design? Email me! - Oz_joker@yahoo.com


Oz_joker / Jack Whitehead

There's cows and monkey smiley's! [}:)] [B)] SICK!!!!

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Hello @:-)

You'll find plenty of Brisbanites around these parts, myself included. Care to show any of the games you've made? I'm tooling with Director in my course (BA of Multimedia at Griffith), and am currently doing a game for my assignment.

Uhm... yeah. Welcome aboard @:-)

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Cows and monkeys are always a good thing :)

I did the game diploma at QANTM in Brisbane last year and am currently employed at Krome Studios, which makes me a Brisbanite :P I used to make Doom levels (normal Doom back when I was younger, then got back in to it a couple of years ago and made maps for ZDoom - http://zdoom.notgod.com ), tried Duke3D level making but the whole Hi/Low number thingo turned me off that.

And, um, that's about all for now :P

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Sorry for not responding sooner, but I've got exams and assignments right now, and to top it off, Win XP died on me, so I've been running around going off my head for the past few days!

Brian, what was QANTUM like? Before applying to QUT, I sussed it out, but the impression I got from the students there at the time (3 years ago mind you) was that it was just a big LAN party everyday, no work done or learnt. What was your impression of QANTUM? Did you learn much?

Once I've finished my exams, I'd love to show you guys one of my games - the one I'm just finishing now for an assignment is pretty cool! I had to program physics for pool balls to make them move and bounce realistically - a mental nightmare, but very satifying! They're the basis for the game I've made. Only problem is, I'm not a musician, so while the programming, grahics and sound F.X. were done
done completely by myself, the music I had to take from other games. Of course, I credit the source of the music at the start of the game, but it still bugs me that part of the game wasn't made by me, but there's nothing I can do becuase I can't compose music!

'Gotta get back to assignments, study and all those annoyances!



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Hey OZ_joker, Brisvegas boy here too. [:P]

I went to QANTM in 2001 and during my time it wasn't very organised, both code and graphics in one stream with alot of teacher changes.
But now its top notch from what I've seen during my time working there, the courses have been split into code and graphics streams and the teachers have alot more ability to teach the relevant skills, some talented guys there now btw so look out in the future. Also the games aren't there either so people actually do work.
I'd recommend QANTM for sure now, that is if you are willing to put in the work yourself and don't expect it to be handed to you like highschool was.

Just one thing too, for those you talk to you complaining that studying at QANTM ruined there chances, thats aload of pants, I went there during probably its worst time, they were fluctuating with ideas etc and it got messy but my friend now works for Krome and alot of others are in the indsutry now too.

I think you take from things what you can and theres no excuses for being a slack arse, I used the time I had there as productively as I could and got alot of contacts and skills under my belt, hell I'm teaching the stuff now.

Did play a few games but only when i had time free.

Hope that helps.

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Hey, I've just registered too (another Brisbanite), and have been wasting my time iterating through all the topics instead of working on my game so I can go and present it to someone and get a job.

I'm another '02 QANTM student, it was fantastic when I went there and although the best (IMHO) lecturer is no longer with the school, I imagine they are still top notch for game dev.

As for making your own music next time around, check out Sonic Foundry's Acid Pro, it is a very simple, easy way to create music that is great for games. It basicly strings sample sounds togeather, allowing you to fade in or out, change the stereo balance and mix samples over each other. Acid is particuly good for industrial (my world!) and techno.

Any other game development skills? Or just Macromedia Director/Flash and art (for now?). Generally as a game designer you will be well placed to know some programming skills- it helps in the design process. Most will lean toward C++ & Direct X (me) or OpenGL.


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Lots of people in Brisbane interested in game dev it seems

I just moved here recently for work, anyone going to the Digital by Design conference on Monday night??

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Hi Everyone, I'm another person from Brisbane who's just joined who also did the QANTM course... I was there in 01/02 so i probablly already know half of you. At the moment I'm in the second year of an IT degree at QUT. I'm pretty focused on game programming ( C++, DirectX, 3D Math, Engine Design etc ) and was recently persuing a job at Evolution Games before it collapsed. Anyway, i'm glad i got recommended this site, it's got a lot a good stuff.