Augmented Reality demonstration video

what is this "Augmented Reality" you say? well check this out
unbelievably cool..

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Heh, thats pretty neato. I couldn't 'vunderstand va man berry vell' but for what I could make out it does look cool :)

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I'm not getting a vid and that site sure seems to collect porn links...

Here is what one of my old friends (Rod Berry) has been up to in augmented reality

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You have to save the video, not just try to view it. And it is quite different to that Augmented groove. Things have advanced quite a bit since 2000 and it is actually merging realtime 3d into realtime video.

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And Rod has been merging realtime 3d into realtime video for quite a while. I was a consultant. He calls it "playing peek-a-boo with reality" :)

His proper homepage is though some of his links are broken now.

I did try saying it btw. I'll try again