Looking to build a team for The Rebirth Project

Welcome "The Rebirth Project" is the first open source mmo rpg video game were the player if he or she could make there own personal video game character or have some one make there character idea into reality what kind of character and powers would you come up with? In this day an age the world of imagination and adventure has become advanced with open detailed maps well i would like to take it a step forward and make detailed world's. The story line is set in the future your a "hybrid experiment" now you get to choose between the human's and what ever Alien race you choose off the system or create to make up your hybrid. your objective is to explore new world's and civilization now your motives are of your own you will be given a list of planets to visit were you can do a variety of different things. the year is 2045 and there are 44 different world's that are populated with many different races of humanoid's so you will have a wide range of races you can mix and match from too customize your character to what you look like and your ability's and technology as well can be of your own design, the kicker its open source so any one with any good idea's on how to make the game better will have access to the people who can change it or if you know what your doing you could change it your self. i just would like to meet some people who can help me get this idea out now i have 44 different characters to start off with including my own personal character so if you would like to be apart of this team get in contact with me yahmorah@gmail.com job's are available