Sixty Minutes, segment on "games for adults"

Just saw an the add on tv. 60 Minutes is gonna have a story on "Computer Games for Adults" this sunday (channel 9 @ 7:30pm)

Might be interesting, but the ad looked pretty ghey... had some old person playing the the sims and saying "ooo i just kissed someone" lol

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Sure, but it does give exposure to people that not all computer games are just for horny adolescent teenagers anymore, that all people can have fun and be entertained by them.

I'm guessing the story will be on this Sunday Night?

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yeah its on this sunday night

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Sure, but it does give exposure to people that not all computer games are just for horny adolescent teenagers anymore

Going by the advertisment its showing that games are also for horny adults. Not a huge improvment.
For the most part those that like games play them, those that dont, dont and those that dont because they think that they are for kids and should not be played by adults, but change their minds after seeing a short TV story on it should not be anyones target audience.


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alot of people who dont play games also think its a big waste of time, and to some extent i would have to agree with them. While at the same time, these same people spend hours on end wired to there TV sets. In a way, games are just the next evolution in popular couch entertainment. I think thats what Microsoft is going for with the X box.

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Pfsh... waste of time. Those couch potatoes have nothing on my mad hand-eye/feet-eye coordination skills! @:-D

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Prepare to be disappointed... remember, it is 60 Minutes... a show that's worse than A Current Affair, yet purports to be serious.

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Games, a waste of time! Begone heretics before I smite thee.

If you want to get real literal, isn't doing anything a waste of time? [:P]

Brain: not just coordination skills up the wahzoo but the ability to see thru walls thanks to the absorbed 21" monitor gamma radiation!! boo ha ha!!

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Just remembered that this is on shortly, so thought I'd bump up as a reminder

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What rubbish that was.


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You watched it? Wow.


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It was pretty crap...
The first half seemed to be trying to discredit "adult oriented" games, concentrating on BMX XXX, and the second half pretty much just talked vaguely about the sims online. There were some other little bits, but those two seemed to be the main stories.
Basically it was 15 mins of pap, and didn't really do anything other than put some games on the screen. Not much of a story.
CYer, Blitz

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Mmm, muchly agreed. As soon as I saw BMX XXX, I rolled my eyes. Already knew how it was going to turn out.

I think the last time I actually watched 60 Mins, they had that same guy anaconda guy on. Odd...

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The ignorant fools!


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Yeah, it was rather disapointing. They also made The Sims Online out to be quite successful yet all I've heard about it, is that it's doing quite poorly.

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EA's studio was very nice though. It was funny watching the developers of BMX XXX try to spin what is basically interactive perving into something more profound lol.

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It's probably not a brilliant idea to ignore these kinds of shows and how we (the games makers/players) are portrayed. It's easy for us to laugh it off, but it doesn't win us any fans either!

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damn, missed it. by the sound of things, i didn't miss much

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It was both interesting and pathetic at the same time, it was a cheap American 60 minutes rip-off story buy a guy who is a self-proclaimed non-gamer, and I doubt that they did much research for it either, they only had a bit of Bill Gates and the Xbox, Will Wright (sp?) and the Sims, and some BMX XXX and the guys trying to defend it.

They could've done a bit more research and gone after John Carmack / ID Software, Tim Sweeney / Epic Games, Sid Meier, or Warren Spector / Ion Storm even!

Ahh well, at least my mum knows that I'm aiming to go into a decent industry with my Career...

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Yeah, maybe they wanted to avoid the typical stories about Doom or whatever and violence in gaming? But it's so overdone in the media I doubt most people pay attention anymore - I imagine that's why they wanted to look at the interactive perving issues.