Team B: Art Style

For the art style of Team B's game, I had mentioned earlier about using My Sims as a reference, mainly in its simplicity and stylised & colourful design. For the backdrops and various parts of the menu / title screen, they'll be 3D rendered and maybe animated.

So here's an example of simplicity and colour. Really easy to model, and artists are likely to share assets to re-use in scenes too. And we might have someone to render out all the scenes with a preset rendering mode to contain consistency.

You can look around in various other games for ideas in texture patterning (Harvest Moon for example)

We are missing the new game design doc, so I'm unsure which countries we are planning for players to have stores in, but I'm sure we can come up with the most obvious ones (France, Italy, Japan, America, England, Australia etc).

Charcoal mentioned earlier that we need some characters (again, use My Sims as a reference for simplicity), and that can be started right now.

Other artists can also model kitchen related models, fruit and food etc.. for scenes like the one posted above.

We'll wait a few more days for the roll call, then I will try to contact the artists personally, and if that fails, we will open up the positions for new people.

Anyway, please post any thoughts or comments you may have.