sumea paint activity #2

Hope all is good in ur hood thought id jump in on the action. 30 mins, coulda spent longer but that would made it a Sumea not so quick Activity.

Looking forward to the next one, or i might add another one, guess we'll see.

sho-nuff2007-04-25 21:38:52

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oops! no picture...can anyone gimme a hand on how to upload coz i got an access denied response and the url image doesnt seem to work.

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Click on the "Insert Image" button (picture of a camera.
When you do this, a box should come up asking for a URL to your picture. should look something like the one I just posted.


If your computer won't let you use the "Insert Image" option then post the URL into the forum and I'll upload it for you.

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Yeh tried all of that before and no go so if you could do an upload for me that would be great!

And once you posted it you might as well let me know what you think. Cheers.

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Yeh, sorry.. since I've moved the forum to the new server, uploading images don't work for the forum. If you want to upload images, you can still do it via your Sumea profile. upload art there, and then copy and paste the location in your forum message here.

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Nice work on your illustration sho!

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Killa Dee2007-05-24 19:16:28