Yay Part 2

Merry Christmas to all Sumearans, live long and prosper.
I just got a broadcast design job with Circus Group - North Shore Sydney. The have 3ds Max onboard and do the idents for Disney channel.

Yay - Best xmas present ever!

Congrats go out to Meatax as well - well done man.

N e way, merry xmas all,


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Hey Samon, good stuff, mate!! [:)] What kind of stuff will you be doing in your new position?

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Awesome, thats a pretty good christmas present:) Good luck with it ;)

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Thanks Souri and Fluffy, I've been away in Canberra (The AIE is still there), over the xmas hols and just read your posts today. If you ever get back to this thread, thanks for the congrats - it's a broadcast design position which is usually mostly editing (they have 5 media 100 suites)and 2d motion graphics, but they also have Max and seem to use it quite a bit for tvc's and promos, so it's a perfect start to the year. I've had little opportunity to use 3d creatively in the previous editing jobs, so I cant wait to work for a real company.

Too weird to live, and too rare to die.