Senior graphics programmer vacancies at Sidhe


Sidhe is looking for 2 talented, experienced and passionate Senior graphics programmers to work on exciting new projects for the PS3/360/Wii and PC platforms.

Desired experience profile:


  • Computer science degree or equivalent
  • Extensive C++ experience – at least 5 years commercial experience
  • Experience with modern programmable shader languages and hardware – Cg, HLSL, GLSL – minimum 4 years experience
  • At least 3 years experience on one or more of PS3, 360 or Wii with at least 1 published title on these platforms
  • Strong background in 3D Math and applications to computer graphics


  • Hardware specific optimisation
  • End to end content and graphics production e.g. from Maya to engine
  • Experience with the Maya API(s) a bonus – (Python/MEL)
  • Modern Lighting & shadowing techniques – BRDF lighting methods, Spherical harmonics, image based lighting
  • Offline content processing/data munging
  • Modern 3D animation systems and techniques
  • Parallel programming experience


  • Post processing/Full screen effects
  • Particle systems
  • Visual Effects

All candidates should supply a full CV and also send source code, examples, or showreel on print, VHS, DVD, CDROM, or link to a complete online resource as appropriate. Candidates should send their application to or

PO Box 6203
Marion Square

If you have any questions about the roles or the submission process, feel free to email and ask.


Mario Wynands

Managing Director