Australian Games Industry featured on 7.30 Report

Just wanted to remind people that the ABC's 7.30 report tomorrow (Thursday 26th of April @ 7.30pm of course) will feature some Australian Games companies (Torus and Tantalus at least), and will look at how the Australian Games Industry is being left behind the rest of the world because of lack of investment and funding.

Should be an interesting watch, and directly relevant to anyone in, or wanting to get into, the games industry. Pretty much everyone who visits this site I'd hope. And some of us might see a few familiar faces on there too.

If you miss it, you should be able to read the transcript at

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Cool, thanks for the heads-up.

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It was an interesting watch :)

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I couldn't watch it because my stupid TV doesn't pick up channel 2. I just found the full transcript of the show as well as the streaming version to watch online, so I'm off to view it now