Game Movies

All our favourite games are being turned into movies now lets just hope they don?t go the same way that ?Comic Movies? have gone. So far there's been a few games turned into movies over time, Mario Bros, Wing Commander, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Double Dragon, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil?
But now that hollywoods comic phase is nearing an end (I hope) they?re buying up the rights to make movies based on games like Alien VS Predator, House of the Dead, Resident Evil 2, Crazy Taxi, Metroid, to name a few.
Basically it's about trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of a good game, but in the process it destroys the game, I?m not sure if there's any ?Game Movie? I?ve seen that I actually liked.
And in almost every case they get the cheapest B grade actors they can find to play our Game Heros, like Christopher Lambert in Mortal Kombat, Van Dam in Street Fighter, and I wouldn?t be surprised if they got Sarah Michelle Geller to play ?Samus Aran? in Metroid.

What does everyone think about this,
Do they want to see more Game Movies?
And are there any that anyone has thought were a tribute to the game?

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Pantmonger, bashing dark angel? well far enough i can understand that.
But James Cameron can't be to blame, he hardly had anything to do with it except leading his name to it, i heard that he only ended up directing 2 episodes.
So James Cameron is still a cool director, except that titanic crap, but as far as making a Battle Angel Alita movie, i agree i don?t think he should do it either.

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Well, who would you want to make it?

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Ridley Scott! [:)]... or Stanley Kubrick (if he was alive)..

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A Wachowski/ Ridley Scott/ Woo colaboration, with creative input from the original director of Alita I guess, can't remember his name. Or better yet me and Pantmonger lol. Up for it buddy?

I agree with Pants on the James Cameron thing but leave my Jessica Alba outa this buddy [:P]!! mmmmm shes so purdy......



and hollywood actors are not nearly the right body type for that kind of activity

Their isn't any right body type for martial arts, noticed how short most asian people are? Thats the beauty of it, anyone can become a kung fu killing machine. Iv'e seen 4ft fat guys kick 7 shades of buhdda out of 7ft guys with muscles on muscles.

Just look at Honk Kong phooey. He was a fiend and hes only a dog!lol.

I do agree that martial arts are too common place, even aliens know how to do karate these days. Much better when Conan just punched out camels. (or was it a horse?)

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I too think that martial arts is used way too much in film. I miss the Indiana Jones type hero, bar room brawling, that was the good stuff!! Though they are making another Indy movie next year, I hope they don't bugger it up with SFX and that crap.. though I don't think Spielberg would let it get too different from the originals. Anyone played the latest Indy game... damn that has some fun hand to hand brawling! I'll shutup now before I end up talking about something completely off topic. :P

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Yeah, there are too many martial arts type kicks etc in movies now-a-days, take a look at the last Mission Impossible, kung-fu-a-fest. Us westerners have our own boxing type of martial arts (if you can call it that), so why don't we see mroe of it in movies?

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Hollywood is riding on the success of Honk Kong action films and the rising interest in anime in western culture and as it always does it is oversaturating the market with it. Even TV, Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel all the demons/mutants seem to be trained by tibetan monks, must be alot of buddhists in hell, that means christianity is right, lol.

I think another problem is that if you introduce a single character who has asian martial arts training then the others need it also if they are be of any competition, lets face it Bruce Lee versus Mike Tyson isn't too fair. Funny but not fair.

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lets face it Bruce Lee versus Mike Tyson isn't too fair. Funny but not fair.

Just a note, I've read a fair bit about Bruce Lee's take on martial arts and suffice to say he had plenty of respect for boxers, lots of his 'teachings' (if you will) in his Tao are based on boxing techniques. If I were to try my fancy martial arts crap out on a boxer on the street, I'd expect to get my arse handed to me. Boxers are fast, clever fighters that have a very refined style and excellent balance/posture and poise and it works extremely well at knocking people out - there's no doubt in my mind that a pro boxer (maybe Lennox Lewis for example, much better than Iron Mike who is past it) would have a very good chance at beating down Brucey.

Also - martial arts is partially the way it is because it can suit shorter people. Believe it or not, centre of gravity plays an important role in martial arts - balance, co-ordination are aided (but do not require) a low centre of gravity. Tall people can do martial arts quite well, I've seen some awesome 6'4"+ black belts who have absolutely incredible balance for their size, and they are scary as hell ('specially after you realise they can kick you in the head so fast when they only have to lift their leg 5'9" off the ground), but again - these guys aren't top heavy either, they don't have bulky chests and massive biceps. Hollywood style "tough" is top heavy and tall as well, not *as well* suited to the task - but yes it can accomplish a reasonable results when blurred by the camera.

ps. Yeah, it was a horse (as far as I can remember, maybe I should watch the DVD again), and yes it was cool :)

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Maitrek: I've trained in Kung fu, a bit of kick boxing and dabbled in western boxing even a little tai Chi so I'm not that naive to say boxing isn't without its merits, that said I was meaning pro boxers versus pro asian martial artists, not street boxing.

We had alot of fun at our Dojo wiping the cocky smiles off of the faces of boxers and kick boxers who thought kung fu was for the weak and that they were already above us. A bad move when full contact kick sparing with hands tied together came around. hehe.

Boxers have a limited arsenal, 2 fists (fast and balanced as they are) versus finger, fist, palm, wrist, elbow, shoulder, head, knee, shin, foot and above all the mind. Need i say more.

I agree on the height thing, I'm a short arse too. Although my mate whos 6'5" was insanely quick with an amazing reach. Bastard always kicked my butt.

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There's a list of game movies at Filmforce..
Discussion at Slashdot..

A fair few game movies listed there, although most of them look nowhere close to production status..

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ah no...

"So much for retirement! Dolph Lundgren is returning to movies. He was on ESPN and told them he'll be doing Street Fighter 2 with Jean-Claude Van Damme. "

like the 1st movie wasnt bad enough, now its got Dolph Lundgren in it too